Sweet Disposition
Dyanna : Die-anna | 17 | Sorry boys, I'm taken | Miami | I love music, both playing and listening to it. I'm planning on learning at least 5 more instruments. | I never really know what to say on these description things....so welcome to my blog? That sounds about right. Haha. Message me and get to know me, I'm pretty fucking awesome if I do say so myself. adubber(s) dancing awkwardly with Zach Porter
Guys…if Tumblr really does shut down, I just want to let you know that I love you all SO much! You’ve helped me get through so much..

Y’all adubbers were there for me when I needed to fangirl. My followers have been there for me every time I was sad and all of you understand me. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Tumblr, or better yet, any of you guys. I love you(:

This goes out to all my Twitter followers too<3 I love you guys

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